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Your Self-Build Vision

You know there is a plot of land available and you dream of living there, You've always wanted to design and build your own home, but you don't know where to start.

Our Service


At Belford Developments, we have a team with over 40 years of combined experience in the construction industry dealing with projects ranging from home renovation right through to multi-million pound public buildings.  Our in house experts are proud to proclaim that they are ‘fanatical about construction!’

We are therefore able to provide you with a bespoke package for your self-build project which will offer you as much, or as little, support as you wish.  If you are confident in certain areas but feel that you could benefit from assistance in others, then we are happy to work around your requirements. 

The important thing is that this is your project and your vision and therefore you will retain control of every detail of the build, but you can leave us to look after the parts that self-builders may not think of but are most definitely factors on any project.  If we just take as an example three factors which will not be detailed on any plans, bills of quantities or Gannt charts. 

  1. Are you ready for the level of input required?  The time required to manage a scheme is always more than anyone planned.  If you are attempting to do this whilst also carrying on with your ‘day job’ then it is very easy for you to lose focus and forget schedule materials or trades and this then ends up costing you money for idle time on site.

  2. The emotional investment required is immense — for every happy, fulfilled day on site, you will have a dark, depressing and debilitating day to match. The nature of co-ordinating trades, supplies, deliveries and site logistics is challenging, and is demanding even to those who have done it for years.

  3. Do you have the right temperament for the role? If you can’t bear the thought of conflict with sometimes irate tradespeople, maybe you need to think again. If you know your admin and paperwork skills are poor, you may need additional resources to help you. Do you have a good head and patience for managing and predicting the interface between trades, materials and subcontractors?


Whilst we do not simply offer a ‘firefighting’ service of dealing with the issues listed above, these are some of the elements that we would take care of as part of a tailored package.  Detailed below is the main areas in which we would envisage ourselves adding value to your self-build project:

  • If you have not yet found your perfect plot, or are not sure of its suitability, we can assist in finding and assessing land.

  • We are able to call upon a number of designers with whom we have worked previously.  We will advise upon the design team who would best fit with your self-build concept. 

  • Take a lead role in the process of planning permissions and Building regulations compliance.

  • Similarly, as your project progresses, we can assist in the selection of contractors for the various facets of your build.  This will greatly reduce the risk element of appointing tradesmen of which you have no personal experience. 

  • Our relationship with key suppliers means that we would be able to negotiate discounts on your behalf, which you may struggle to do as an individual.

  • Ensure that when the project encounters a problem (inevitably it will at some point), our experience of being able to adapt and overcome is fully utilised, minimising the loss of time and money spent.

  • If required, we can offer advice on finishing materials and also provide introductions to our extensive contact list for those clients who may not want ‘off-the shelf’ products.  Let us know what you want and we will be able to source the products you desire.

  • We will take care of the details such as warranties and energy performance certificates to ensure that you do not miss any of the staged visits, which can be very costly if these have to be re-visited at the end of your project.


If you have any questions, or just want some advice on where to start, just let us know.An initial consultation won’t cost you a penny and we are confident that we will add value to your project no matter how large or small the part you want us to play in the development of your home.