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Inverter Replacement

The Problem


How often do you check your generation meter reading on your solar PV system?  If, like most of us, the only time you look at it is when you are submitting your readings to your FIT provider, then you are at risk of missing out on up to 6 months of payments, potentially costing you over £1,000.  We have past experience of hundreds of clients who have called us out to inspect their inverter, having only realised it wasn't working when they submitted two identical quarterly FIT readings.  By the time the issue is resolved you could be looking at up to 6 months worth of lost generation and, therefore, revenue.  Then, to add insult to injury, you find your inverter is out of warranty and so you are left covering the cost of a replacement.


The Solution


The solution is quite simple - forward planning.  You know that at some point the inverter you originally had installed is going to malfunction so why not replace it now with the latest technology that comes with a 20 year warranty.  This ensures that if your new inverter ever should break down,  you will immediately be aware of the fact and, moreover, a replacement would be provided to you completely free of charge.  


In addition, the replacement inverter we at Belford Developments will provide, comes with a WiFi connection to an online portal meaning that you can remotely monitor the performance of your system in real time from any location. The SolaX Portal is an online monitoring platform enabling you to monitor your inverter around the clock. Our inverters upload operational data to the Xcloud via WiFi. Xcloud collects and processes that data every 5 minutes. You can then monitor the data by simply logging into a registered account via your PC, iPhone, tablet or Android device.

Our engineers have experience of changing almost all of the mainstream inverters on the market and we can cover anywhere in the UK mainland.  Contact us today to ensure you don't lose out on any revenue.


The Calculations - how did we estimate your potential losses?


Here is how:

You are prompted by your FIT provider to supply your generation meter reading in June.  This would be for the months March through May which, as you can see in the chart below,  are some of the highest yielding months of the year.

Unbeknown to yourself, your inverter has stopped working during the month of March.  However, when you provide your meter reading to your FIT provider in June, they are unconcerned as the meter has progressed from the previous reading taken in February, albeit not as much as it should have.  The next time you are requested to submit a meter reading would usually be in September.  You will in all likelihood have no recollection of the previous reading you submitted and so the first time you will be aware that your system has not been working since mid-March is when your FIT provider writes to you to inform you that the meter reading you provided in September has been flagged as incorrect as it is the same as your previous submitted reading. 


It could now be into the month of October by the time you have realised you have a problem.  If we take the chart above as an example, this could mean you have lost over 2,500kWh of generated electricity.  For those solar owners installed prior to March 2012 this would mean a financial loss - purely in terms of FIT revenue - of over £1,250!  And then, to compound your misery, you will have to fork out for a new inverter as your warranty has expired.  Not only have you lost £1,250, but you are now looking at anything up to £1,500 to replace your inverter.