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Standing Seam Roof

NHS Building, Prudhoe (50kWp)

For any business, identifying areas where costs savings can be made, without reducing quality, is the ultimate aim.  Yet so many companies in the UK have still not taken advantage of the opportunity available to significantly reduce annual spend on energy costs by installing Solar PV.

Even if you do not feel your business is in a position where you would wish to commit part of your budget to the upfront capital outlay required, there are a number of alternative options available which will allow you to benefit from the addition of photovoltaic solar panels to your business premises.  At Belford Developments we offer a free consultation service in which we can provide a detailed analysis of the financial benefit to your company, as well as advising upon the potential routes to funding available. 

As well as reducing operating costs, installing solar panels onto business premises can also demonstrate to your clients your commitment to a cleaner, healthier planet for future generations.  Showing that your firm is environmentally-conscious, strengthens your company’s green credentials, contributes to CO2 savings whilst also demonstrating your use and knowledge of renewable energy.   With virtually no maintenance costs to consider and with the extended warranties now available, solar energy is certainly a valuable asset to any company, saving energy, carbon and providing extensive financial benefits.

With any commercial installations we also offer companies the facility to monitor the generation of electricity being produced through a web based portal as well as the option to display the generation and carbon savings on a central display panel which can be sited in your reception or public viewing area.  


Your company can not only benefit from the payments given by the Government for every kilowatt hour (kWh) you generate and for exporting any excess electricity back to the grid, but can also benefit from electricity savings and reduced CO2 emissions.  For those companies who are required to conform to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (Carbon Reduction Commitment), or for building contractors required to meet BREEAM standards, solar PV can be an extremely cost efficient method of achieving those targets.  

Whilst there are a great variety of 'off the shelf' products available to cater for the majority of commercial applications, we can also source bespoke mounting systems to suit any possible requirement.  Therefore, if you have an unusual building shape or structure, do not let this put you off exploring the option of solar PV.  Our experienced team can help with virtually any application as we have our very own designers and installation teams. We work to strict Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) quality standards and within the Government guidelines for renewable technologies. We are experienced in planning, building regulations and feed in tariff registrations processing ensuring your customer experience with us is a professional, efficient and seamless one.