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Bird Deterrent Kits

Are you affected by nuisance birds nesting beneath your panels? Are you worried this is having a negative impact on the performance of your investment?

Aside from the health risks and noise, birds nesting beneath solar panels can also result in:

  • Costly repairs to your system by wires becoming damaged by nesting birds.

  • Microbes growing in bird droppings can create additional acids that break down building material surfaces, such as the tiles on your roof.

  • Reduced performance and return on investment as there will be increased deposits of bird droppings on your panels when birds enter and exit their nests.  

Our bird exclusion kit for solar panels can be easily installed with no disruption to your property or solar array.  A standard kit will provide:

  • Everything you need to treat 30m (up to 4kW solar array on a single roof elevation)

  • Heavy duty weldmesh, manufactured from: 18 gauge / 1.05 mm diameter wire which will not weaken over time

  • Access prevention, under solar panels on pitched roofs, to pigeons and other pests.

  • 100% effective when properly installed, better than using spikes, chicken mesh or repellent gels.